We are living in Sörböle, Njurunda, a town about 35 km south of Sundsvall in the middle of Sweden.
We, it's Maria and Åke.
Our son Fredrik is now 35 years old and live on his own in Njurunda.
He has a doughter, Isabella born in february 2011 and
a son, Oscar born in october 2012.

Fredrik at his examination 2006.

Fredrik, Oscar, Linda, Isabella, Acke and Tyra

Isabella 2½ month

Oscar 1½ månad


Oscar and Isabell oct 2013


We bought our first dog, Dennis, in 1995 from kennel Crusade in Sundsvall.

Then the big interest in dogs begin and soon we bought our second dog,
Linus, from the same breeder.

The interest grow bigger and bigger and when we get our first bitch, Frida,
Kennel River Race in Uppsala, and she grow up,
we begin to plan to have our own litter after her.
We soon bought our second bitch,
Nina, from the same kennel.

In 1999 our kennelplans begin to grow and our first litter was born in feburary 2000.
It was our
Frida which has been mated with Kakis To Be Continued.

Our second litter, after our Frida and Linus are born in february 2001.


Our purpose are to breed Golden Retriever with both beautiful looks and a big pleasure to work, but above all they should be a big pleasure for their new family.