Information to you who wants to buy a puppie from us



All our dogs are living inside our house with us. Our puppies are born and growing up inside with us and our adult dogs.
When they are born they are living in our bedroom and when they are about 3 weeks old they move into a bigger place. When they are growing up they are with us in the kitchen at the days so the are going to get used to all the ordinary things in a home and also to other adults, children and dogs. We are thinking that the puppie must get used to all kind of noises and situations in a home before they are moving so you can concentrate to have fun with your puppie and learn your puppie new things.

Our dogs eats a food called, KLASS dogfood, our puppies are starting to eat the same food when they are 19 to 20 days old.
We want our dogs and puppies to have the best food they can have and we have used this food since year 1998 and we are very pleased with it. All the dogs really loves it and they are very healty, have good stomachs, groving well and they have beautiful coats. We want our puppiebuyers to continue with the same food.

We always want to meet our buyers before they bought the puppie from us just to ensure us about that the puppie are gonig to a careful home. We also want that you should meet us and our dogs so you can see if you want to buy a puppie from us. Our contact with you doesnīt end when you get your puppie, itīs continues at the dogs whole life and because of that we want a mutual confidence between us.
When the puppies are 5 weeks old you can come and vistit them one ore several times.

Before delivery the puppies will be dewormed several times, registrated in the Swedish Kennelclub, chiped-marked, have their veterinery inspection and their vaccinations done.

You can get your puppie after it 8 weeks old and we are togheter signs some papers about ownerregistrations and insurance. We are looking in a cover, you take it home with you, which contents foodlists, operating instructions and some trainingtips the first weeks. You also get some food for the first 2-3 weeks with you.

We arranges kennelmeets and other aktivites for our buyers each year and we also want you to come to the mental description and functiontest when the puppie are about 1 year old.

When the puppie are going to be 1 year old we want you to x-raye the hips and elbows, if you want you can come with us to the veterinary, we order the times. We really think itīs imported to follow up our litters to see what our dogs passed on to their puppies and it will be good for you to know that your dog is healty and strong. We also want you to look at eyedecices when they are about 1 year, you do that at the veterinary.

If you have any other questions about to buy a puppie from us you are welcome to contact us.
Please look at Planned Puppies or Puppies Now to see our plans and puppies.

Our purpose are to breed Golden Retrievers with both beautiful looks and a big pleasure to work, but above all they should be a big pleasure for all the familymembers.